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Susan Hastings, President, Creative Communications

Living Your Purpose - On Purpose Workshop

Created by Meredith Young-Sowers,
founder of Stillpoint School of Integrative Healing
taught by Susie Hastings, Stillpoint Master Teacher

Purpose: Living Your Purpose – On Purpose is a Life Purpose Workshop that aligns your talents, skills, interests and Soul’s Intention to contribute in the most heartfelt ways to your family, your organization, your global family – and to yourself.

Your life purpose is similar to a personal map extending from your birth to your death.  No one gets your map but you.  If you choose not to follow it, then it simply remains unfulfilled like a package at a store that has been put on lay-away and never claimed. Your life purpose isn't just one career event or line of advancement.  It is the journey of your life with all your daily experiences added to the mix as you roll along.

Here are a few questions for you to determine if this workshop would be right for you:

*** Would you like a new beginning in any area of your life?

*** Do you want to take your life to a deeper, more joyful and meaningful level? 

*** Are you interested in personal, professional, spiritual growth? 

*** Are you in a time of transition, looking for your next steps, not quite sure where to go from here?   
If the answer is yes to any of the above,  Living Your Purpose - On Purpose will be a very meaningful and memorable experience for you.

Meredith Young-Sowers has designed a series of eight steps that will help you identify your life's purpose - and live it.  I will lead you through them over the weekend.  You will learn from your past choices and discover ways to allow the people, resources and opportunities you need to manifest your life as you desire.

When you attend Living Your Purpose… On Purpose! you will:

  • Acknowledge and appreciate your talents, innate gifts and skills
  • Know your Soul’s Intention and Life Purpose
  • Develop an eight-part personalized Life Purpose Plan
  • Discover ways to eliminate blocks to your “grandest” possibilities
  • Learn how to attract the people, resources, and opportunities you need to create your dreams.

This program will help in subtle ways too!

You will move through various powerful exercises designed to help you trust your own perception and better understand your intentions and inner questions about yourself and others.

You’ll learn to identify beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you:

  • control
  • competition
  • lack of faith in your own creativity
  • lack of valuing your efforts
  • allowing others’ opinions to determine how your feel about yourself

 Who Should Attend?

  • Those wanting to know or validate their unique Life Purpose
  • People in transition
  • Those desiring to experience greater creativity
  • Anyone wanting greater meaning and success in their life
  • Those wanting ways to be of greater service to others

Here are a few comments from past participants:

“I was hesitant about investing in the Purpose Workshop.  At 60, having participated in countless workshops and personal growth work for many years, I was at the point where the notion of finding my true purpose in this life just wasn’t going to happen.  In the end, to support a friend, I went along.  The Purpose Workshop surprised me.  With the experience and encouragement of the instructor, Susan Hastings, I walked away with a clearer understanding of the blocks I had created to letting the discovery of my purpose unfold.  And through a sequence of structured yet subtle exercises crafted by the instructor, had a process to help me identify and begin to break down the barriers I was creating.  Participating with a group of diverse backgrounds and age groups also reminded me that I can never stop searching.” 
- Dale Jones

“Susie’s workshop had a very gentle way of leading me to a clearer vision of mysoul’s purpose.  Her presence and wisdom were so helpful in the process.
_  Nancy Baker

“I feel like I have graduated, been launched, taken a first step towards a long awaited goal – To Be Myself.  Invaluable.  Please accept my deepest gratitude for following your heart”
-  Nicky Corrao

"I feel that the insight I have gained will be implemented immediately.  I actually made a plan that I can use right now.  This has never happened to me before!  As you know, I work on my spiritual path regularly.  I came to this weekend open minded and clearly saw what I need to do to free my mind, life and heart.  I know that the "balance" will be a work in progress, but I have a solid starting point." 
~ Beth Perry

Date: TBD
Where: 83 Kingston Dunes Rd, Shipyard
Times: Saturday 9 - 5 with 2 hour lunch break. Sunday 12 - 5

Feel free to bring your own snacks or lunches

Pot luck after the Saturday class:  optional

Fee: Registration fee of $40 to cover materials – no up-front workshop fee.  At the end of the weekend, I will give you the opportunity to contribute what the value of the workshop was for you, as well as your financial situation - it will be up to you.

If you wish to pay the fee online click here.

This will be a fun, relaxing and yet intensive weekend.  It will include lecture (not much), experiential exercises, small and large group sharing, reflection time - a time to get in touch with the depth of your purpose in life - and how you can live it.  You will leave feeling inspired and motivated to, indeed, live your purpose - on purpose.

Living Your Purpose - On Purpose is part of my purpose.  I'd love to share it with you


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***** If you would like to read my personal story of how I came to teach Living Your Purpose – On Purpose, you can continue reading. No coincidences!

Over three years ago, I attended the “Living Your Purpose - On Purpose” Intensive Workshop of the Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing, created by Meredith Young-Sowers, and went on to become a Certified Integrative Healing Coach as well as a Master Teacher of  Living Your Purpose - On Purpose.

How did that happen?

One night, I was sharing that feeling with some of my new Stillpoint friends and the next morning, as I was checking my email messages, I saw a message to me, from me, sent at 5:47 in the morning. The message simply said: "Yes".

There was no way I had sent any message to myself at 5:47 in the morning or at any other time that just said "Yes". I've had several profound spiritual experiences in my life but this is one of the most significant because I knew that the "yes" was responding to my feelings and conversation the night before. And what was Meredith teaching about the next morning? The importance of saying "yes" to life's opportunities.

After the experience of Living Your Purpose - On Purpose, I knew in my heart and soul that I was meant to do more with it. The brilliance with which Meredith led me (and others) to such deep discoveries was profound. I have done Purpose-related work for years but never had an experience with the focus of Purpose that touched me as deeply as this did.   As a result, I have learned how to work with people on a deeper level - integrating body/mind/spirit which has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

Click here to register for $40.00.

For more information or to receive an outline, please send an e-mail to Susan at

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