Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet


One thing I have learned on my own spiritual journey is that we can’t do it alone.  We need each other; we need a spiritual community that is there to nurture us in our growth, to support us when we stumble.

The authors I have asked to contribute to this book are all my models and mentors as I experience the way  they Walk the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet.  They have, indeed, been part of my spiritual community and, at one time or another, have nurtured my growth and/or supported my stumbles.

Over and over, I heard “I’d be honored to write a chapter for your book.”   I was deeply touched and I am deeply honored by the enthusiastic participation of each and every one of them.

If you were to choose a spiritual community, whom would you choose?

So it is with heartfelt thanks and gratitude that I acknowledge the authors of this book, members of my spiritual community.

I first met Angeles Arrien in the mid ‘90’s, when she was Mistress of ceremonies for the Institute of Noetic Sciences conference in Florida.  I was mesmerized. She was inspirational, she was funny, she was wise.  She spoke in a language that I could understand, and I wanted to learn more. The workshops I have taken with her, including a Vision Quest, have always been memorable.  I come away feeling refreshed and deepened in my own spiritual awareness.  Angeles brings her depth, her wisdom, and her insights to any endeavor I have ever been privileged to share with her. When I feel discouraged or upset and I don’t know what to do, I often ask myself, “What would Angie do?”  Immediately I feel calmer, clearer and more loving.

In Angeles chapter, Walking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet, you will learn how to become a change master in your own life and how to strengthen the capacity to hold paradox, to better explore the realm of your own spirituality.

Jeffrey Douglas, soul coach, author, consultant has been - and is - a spiritual resource, a colleague, a friend.  Jeffrey has an understanding of people – and life – that has a depth, and a wisdom that results in a trust that is very rare in my experience.  I have worked with Jeffrey in one way or another for over for a decade and yet I have never met him – he lives in Idaho, I live in Vermont.  It is Jeffrey to whom I turn when I need compassionate clarity.  I share with Jeff both our business interests as well as our spiritual ones. And always Jeffrey is available when I need him.  I mean always.

In Living From Your Soul at Work, you will come to understand how important it is to operate from our souls at work and be given the exercises to help you begin.

Marshall Goldsmith I just met a year ago and already he has impacted my life - starting with suggesting this book. He was the first to say, “I’ll write a chapter for you.”  Marshall comes to Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth for the leadership training that draws businesses from all over the world.  I am one of the coaches fortunate enough to take Marshall's model of coaching and coach some of the business people who come to this program.   He has inspired both my writing and my coaching.  "Breathe.  Make Peace...Let it go” is what I hear from Marshall several times in his talks and it was the inspiration for one of my articles.

Look in his chapter, Old Wisdom for a New Age, for inspired ways in which Buddha’s teachings resonate in today’s world.

This book would not be complete without Linda Haltinner.  Linda is the founder and director of Sojourns Community Health Clinic in Westminster, Vermont, a non-profit interdisciplinary holistic clinic whose mission is “to inspire and model possibility and change in healthcare.”   Linda has been my primary practitioner for many years – she’s a chiropractor, an intuitive healer with a wide variety of skills and has been a significant contributor to my excellent health.  She exudes a calmness, a total belief in one’s healing that is contagious.  Linda and Sojourns are known widely for their visionary approach to medicine and I feel privileged to be on their board - and to have come to value my personal as well as my professional relationship with her.

Just thinking of Sandra Heimann makes me smile.  Sandy was a nurse, is a Reiki Master, an artist, a writer, a gardener extraordinaire, a medical intuitive - and a dowser.  A dowser is someone who detects subtle energies.   My Father was a dowser, he would tell people where to drill for water as well as discern the sex of unborn babies – which is how I knew that I was having all boys!   He taught me as well, so I have always been fascinated with that unique art.   It's through her dowsing that Sandy does her medical intuitive work.  Her personal sessions, her workshops on dowsing and creativity, have helped me to deepen my understanding of myself in a very light hearted way with Sandy’s great sense of humor.  And when I want restoration, I often go to Sandy’s lovely retreat on Owl’s Head, right on the cove, where she totally pampers her guests.
 From her chapter, Creative Path Finder, you will see how spirituality is not a one-size fits all endeavor, and you will be inspired by the faith she came to feel when her son was near death.

Mark LeBlanc helped me immensely clarifying what this book should be about. But of course, Mark has been my coach, helping me clarify my business, since the mid-1990’s.   Mark’s company, “Start Your Business, Grow Your Business” says it all.  I cannot imagine my career without him - he has helped my company grow in ways I would never have imagined.  And his generosity of spirit is amazing.  He offers his priceless Achiever Circle weekends for no determined fee, asking people to give based on what they can afford and what the workshop was worth to them. That inspired me to do the same with Stillpoint’s Living Your Purpose - on Purpose workshops that I give so that anyone can attend and finances will not be an issue.

In Mark’s chapter, The Walk of Faith, you will be intrigued by the role that doubt can play in our lives and in our decision-making. Mark has practical pearls of wisdom for your own decision making and taking baby steps on your walk of faith.

Lesley Michaels is a relative newcomer to my life, but I feel I’ve known her much longer. She left a corporate career to pursue a path of spiritual study and an international career as a teacher and a lecturer. I love how her bold and candid manner show us her authenticity.  She is passionate about life - this passion has propelled Lesley to become a voice for broad innovative change in our world through the vehicle known as HonuaOla, a non-profit organization focused on developing local, national and global community as a directional support for social change, re-empowerment of the planet’s indigenous people.   In addition, her teachings of Jeshua and Mary have contributed to the deepening of my own spiritual awareness and growth.

In her chapter, Just Roll Over and Float, you will be inspired and motivated to be the one and only painter of your life..

Ken Shelton is the person who inspired me to write on a regular basis a few years ago.  I met him at a Leadership Conference that the American Management Association was hosting in New York City and for whom I was presenting.  Sitting over lunch one day, Ken asked me if I was published.  I answered no, except for some articles over the years.   I wrote Ken later that I didn’t know what he said that hit a new chord within me but when he offered to have me write an article for one of his magazines, Personal Excellence,  I was thrilled - and that also became the impetus for more writing and more articles published.  In addition to being CEO of Executive Excellence Publishing, Ken is also an editor for some very famous writers.  Over these years, Ken has been a constant supporter/advisor for all my writing endeavors.

Meredith Young-Sowers and I are meant to be connected.  I first met her in  1984 during a difficult time in my life.  Her spiritual, intuitive and loving skills helped me tremendously at that time.  Twenty years later, she and I were both new board members at Sojourns Community Health Center in Westminster, Vermont.  When I heard her talking about her Stillpoint School of Integrative Healing, I was intrigued.  I soon began a year long training to become a Certified Integrative Healing Coach, working with others on a body/mind/emotional level - a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I now teach for Stillpoint – that’s where Living Your Purpose – On Purpose – originated and Meredith has become not only a teacher, one who is  a beautiful role model of all she teaches about love, but a friend who lives less than an hour away as well.

Read her chapter, Celebrating the Possible: The Role of Spirituality in Healing, to learn how to come into wholeness by simplifying your thoughts, finding peace within the circumstances you face, and opening your deep heart and Spirit to mend your disconnection from the essence of all life—Love.           

And what would I ever do without my two editors, Liz Sunde and Vicky Fish?

Liz has been my editor for years, skillfully being able to discern the essence of what I’m trying to say and putting it into readable form. When she was unable to take on this book, she suggested Vicky – what an amazing choice.  Vicky has been masterful in the way she has edited this book, bringing not only her skills as a writer but her creative final touches as well – and she  lives in my own town of Norwich!

I feel blessed to have them in my life to be able to put forth my message – and yours – in such an elegant fashion.

And last, but not least, is my acknowledgement of Sam Horn, author of POP: Stand Out In Any Crowd.  Her expertise and graciousness in time and energy contributed greatly to final touches on this book, and when she accepted my invitation to write the foreword, I was delighted.  Not only did she say “yes”, she was able to capture exactly what this book is all about.

But I have to say one more thing.  This is my first book and it has been quite an experience!  I never knew anything about publishers but I’ve come to know quite a lot about SPS Publishing in these past weeks.  The knowledge and experience – and patience - of Bruce and Jess have been remarkable.  If I ever write another book, there will be no question where I will go.  I have no idea how much they get paid but whatever it is, they should have a raise!

Thank you!

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