Gifts From The Heart That Make A Difference

Gifts From The Heart That Make A DifferenceAt this time of year when all emotions seem to be heightened for many of us, certainly for me, I am assessing what really matters to me – and what really doesn’t.

One thing that continues to matter to me is how I can make a difference…. one of those ways that speaks to my heart and to the heart of my clients is hypnosis.

In the last month, here are some highlights: a weight loss class with both Hypnosis and Isagenix (a fat loss/detox/cleanse product). One person lost 11 pounds in a month using just hypnosis and in addition she, and others in the class, reported no more cravings, calmer, happier, more focused.

And I have loved working with two teenagers: one is a skin picker who no longer, after just two sessions, picks at her face and her complexion is beautiful. And another, who is bussed from a private school to see me, couldn’t stop eating sweets even after she knew she was full. After one session, she had no more cravings except for chocolate and after two sessions, even that craving was gone.

My highest value (I discovered after a 4 hour session) is making a difference. I feel blessed that hypnosis has come into my life as a way to do that.

A question: what are the gifts you have this holiday season where you can make a difference? We all have them – and that means you. What are you doing about yours? How can you brighten the lives of others… and therefore yours… by giving them? I’d love to hear.


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