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Expressing Gratitude – News from Suz

As we all know, Thanksgiving traditionally is a time of giving thanks, of expressing gratitude.  I am painfully aware of the millions of people who can’t wrap their hearts and heads around that idea this year and I am humbled knowing of so many broken hearts among us in the world.
Susan Hastings
At the same time, it deepens and accentuates the awareness of my own gratitude.

With that in mind, the purpose of this message is two-fold:
1)  to express my gratitude for you
2)  to share my  finale with you

My gratitude:  Having started my business in the 70’s with Parent Effectiveness Training, I have known some of you for decades, some of you I have just recently met with a hypnotherapy session.  Some of you have been workshop participants; some of you are colleagues, personally and/or professionally;  some of you are friends and family – again, some old, some new.

Whatever the relationship, I am grateful for the difference you have made in my life.  Thank you.

My finale: It has become clear to me that it is time to simplify my life further and to really live into semi-retirement.  The words have been there for a few years but the actions haven’t been.  Now they are.

I wanted to share with you how my finale is showing up – Read more here:

With love and gratitude,

Susan Hastings


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