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Article From The Norwich Times

I am thrilled to share with you an article that ran in the summer issue of the Norwich Times.  Below is an excerpt.

Elder Profile: Susie Hastings
Village Green Publishing, LLC/Norwich Times

Susie Hastings with her dog Bella

“Vibrant. Alert. Fully present. Zingy. These are words that leap to mind when you meet Susie Hastings. Without loud speech or dramatic gestures, she commands attention and interest. And she gives attention and interest to someone speaking to her, that serious attention that makes you feel your words and even your thoughts are being absorbed. How does she do it?

Susie wasn’t always a cheerful center of focus. She does not consider that she was a shy child, but she spent many years being completely unwilling to speak in any kind of public gathering. “The fear of speaking was controlling my life,” she says. “Even at Bible study, I wouldn’t speak aloud, and these were my friends!” The cause of this lockdown was a trauma in high school. Susie had gone to boarding school as a sophomore – “everyone else already knew each other, and I felt like a ship out of water” – and was extremely homesick. In fact, she was the most homesick girl that the assistant headmaster at Northfield School for girls had seen in her 26 years of tenure. Answering a question in class, she gave a wrong answer, and everybody laughed. That the teacher was one of her favorites only heightened her mortification. Though many people have found themselves momentarily discomfited in this way, for Susie the embarrassment made a perfect storm with her loneliness and homesickness that was enough to silence her for the rest of high school.

A similar experience in college reinforced the habit of silence. Susie told her professors that questions made her freeze and go blank. They accommodated her, and her solid written work proved her skills and knowledge so that she graduated Phi Beta Kappa.”


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Susan Hastings Attends Worldwide Super-Conference For Professional Hypnotists

Leading Edge Program Focused on Value of Hypnosis in Improving Everyday Life for Millions of People
Marlborough, MA.   From helping people overcome their fears in honing personal development skills and goal achievement to assisting with pain management, hypnosis has long been a valid tool for millions of people.  With a theme of Anchoring Your Future, the National Guild of Hypnotists ( held its 23rd annual educational conference and convention at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  Attending this year’s event was Susan Hastings of Creative Communications Center in Norwich, Vermont.  Leading experts from around the globe shared the latest insights and techniques to help professional consulting hypnotists and hypnotherapists bring the value of hypnosis to several areas of health and wellness fields.
Susan became a Certified Hypnotherapist by attending additional intensive training that preceded the convention.  “This was a fantastic experience”,  Susan said.  ” In addition to getting my Hypnotherapist Certification, the networking with peers around the world was tremendous, and the workshops presented a wealth of insight and skill building that I know will give great value to my clients.”
“This is the world’s super conference for professional hypnotists.  All told there were about 1400 hypnotists in town for the plethora of intensive educational workshops,” said Dr. Dwight Damon, President and Founder of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Our annual convention ..had multiple tracks for any number of disciplines in the profession.”  As Dr. Damon explains, “Our training programs are conducted by award winning speakers, published authors, and other professional hypnotists from around the world.  Many of the speakers were from outside the United States.  We may be the National Guild of Hypnotists, but this is truly an international event.”
While the attendees represent many countries, varied hypnosis skill levels, and a diversity of occupations, they were united in their goal of using hypnosis as a valuable tool for helping others.  Some of the course topics included certifications in: stress management; pain management; hypno-oncology; sleep improvement; new answers for diabetics; and helping people help themselves with hypnosis. 
Dr. Dwight Damon continued, “Even though the NGH Convention is a time for intensive study and skill development, we like to remind people that the event is frequently described as ‘the world’s largest and friendliest professional hypnotism conference.’  The three days at NGH …are an incredible time for networking for the world’s top hypnotists.  People leave the NGH Convention with new professional relationships, new mentors and most importantly, new friends.”
Hypnotism is an accepted and recognized treatment option regularly utilized by many health care workers, counselors and other mental healtho professionals.  Hypnosis provides a valuable tool for enhancing an individual’s ability to deal with pain or stress, or to assist in diminishing undesirable behavior patterns.  As the use of hypnotism increases, so does the demand for those who are trained to provide it.
Celebrating 60 years of service worldwide, the Guild is also celebrating its 23rd Convention Anniversary.  The largest and oldest organization of its kind, the National Guild of Hypnotists provides a wide range of support and professional development services for hypnotists and also to continue its leadership role in expanding the profession of a certified consulting hypnotists.

Susan Hastings


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