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Spring Happenings – Upcoming Workshops

I have two upcoming workshops coming up that I wanted to let you know about.

1. New SOULutions for Old Issues

Are you interested in using current issues for personal and spiritual growth? This retreat is compatible with all religious beliefs and will deepen and enrich their meaning. Also for healers, therapists or counselors who want to add to their existing skills and expand their inner life.

Please join Jeffrey Douglass and me in this workshop in my Norwich, Vt home on Sunday April 28th. (Click here for more details.)

2. Would you like to be a Certified Holistic Life Coach?

Do you like to help people? Do you want to make a difference – for yourself and others?  If so, you may want to consider this opportunity.

The Essentials of Coaching Institute: The Art and Skills to Become a World-Class Coach is designed for those who want to become a Certified Holistic Life Coach and for those who already are coaches and want to sharpen their skills and/or get fresh new ideas.

This weekend was postponed last fall to the weekend of May 17 – 19. Please join me, and other like minded people,for the first phase of a seven month program if this resonates with you. (Click here for more details.)

With love and gratitude,


Winter Workshops

When I reread my past blogs, I realize I’m even more inconsistent than I thought!
Last time I wrote about Hilton Head Island, I was just leaving.  This time, I’m just coming!  I’ve been here for two weeks and am enjoying connecting with family and friends – and lots of beach walks with Bella (my Maltese therapy dog).  The weather has been unusually great for February, whereas home in Vermont, it’s been very erratic from below zero to rain to sleet.
But home is home and here I am in Hilton Head, my second home – but sending love to those at home where the home fires are burning.
I’m getting ready for my workshops here on the Island.  If you’d like to see what they are, click on here. 
Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a great winter!


Life on Hilton Head

It’s hard to believe I just have 3 more weeks before heading back to Vermont.  It has been wonderful here in Hilton Head which now feels like a second home, and I know both Bella, my little Maltese therapy dog, and I will have withdrawal pains.  It has been 3 months of new experiences, new friends as well as a continuation of experiences and friendships from last year.  I’m glad to be able to spend quality time with my brother who is in poor health, and my sister in law, who live here year round.

The workshop I gave on Hypnosis: Accessing Your Body’s Wisdom  included hypnotizing 25 people for Life Long Learning, something I had never done before.  But it went well and  has opened many doors – new clients,  interesting people – and  Living Your Purpose – On Purpose, a workshop that because of the Hypnosis experience, a class was created that had 14 people sign up with a waiting list for next year.

A word about hypnosis: what is great  is that you can do hypnosis in person or you can do it over the phone, just like Coaching.  My latest three are weight loss, alcohol addiction, both in person, and Accessing the Wisdom of Your Soul by phone, which was “profound” for the person long distance.  I love coaching and adding hypnosis adds a great deal of depth.

My chiropractor/kineseologist/nutritionist son, Chris, who  teaches nutrition classes with an emphasis on Isagenix, a fabulous fat loss, cleanse and detox program,  sent me an article on hypnosis from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996 that stated adding hypnosis to weight loss program  increases results by 97% and post treatment by 146%. 

 Hypnosis bypasses the Conscious mind, which has all the reasons why something won’t work,  to the Subconscious mind  which says “Yes” to any message we give it, and combining the Subconscious with the Superconscious mind, which always wants our highest good, gives very impressive results.

So the combination of  meaningful work,  social time with kindred spirits, daily beach walks is one that sure has worked for me this winter.

But the time is coming that my thoughts are heading towards home – family and friends and a continuation of meaningful work that I can do wherever I am.  I am realizing more and more that it’s not about outer circumstances as it is in appreciating what life has to offer in the moment – and giving gratitude.

What are you grateful for?

Announcing My Talk/Workshop On Hypnosis

On February 15th from 1:30 – 3:30, in Hilton Head, S.C., I’m giving a talk/workshop on Hypnosis- the history, what hypnosis is and what it is not.   I’ll share experiences and results, some of which are amazing to me.  And I’ll hypnotize the group on Reducing  Stress.  This session is part of their Life Long Learning series and I’m delighted for this opportunity.  I am loving hypnotherapy and the results people are having on such a deep level – and it can be done in person or on the phone or skype.   

For more information on hypnosis and hypnotherapy, visit my website

Creative Communications New Fall Schedule Is Up!

I have several workshops that I am offering this fall:

1. Living Your Purpose – On Purpose Workshop

2. The Four Gifts of Love, A Transformative Celebration with Jeffrey Douglass

3. The Essentials of Coaching Institute: Become a Certified Holistic Life Coach

You can read all about them here:


Living Your Purpose – On Purpose Teleclass

I am responding to those who have asked for Living Your Purpose – On Purpose as a tele-class.  Although I would always recommend taking the workshop in person, some of you live too far away to have that work for you.
There will be four two hour sessions on Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 – 9:30 EST 


October 20th
November 3rd
November 10th
November 17th

There will be homework between sessions that will include being in contact with others in the class, sharing what you’re learning/experiencing.  I have taught this as a graduate tele-class and find it works beautifully and am delighted of offer it to the public.

Read more about it here:



Are You Wanting to Know or Validate Your Unique Life Purpose?

On October 17th and 18th I will be holding my next Living Your Purpose – On Purpose Workshop.

This workshop aligns your talents, skills, interests and Soul’s Intention to contribute in the most heartfelt ways to your family, your organization, your global family – and to yourself.

Here are a few questions for you to determine if this workshop would be right for you:

*** Would you like a new beginning in any area of your life?

*** Do you want to take your life to a deeper, more joyful and meaningful level?

*** Are you interested in personal, professional, spiritual growth?

*** Are you in a time of transition, looking for your next steps, not quite sure where to go from here?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, Living Your Purpose – On Purpose will be a very meaningful and memorable experience for you.

Read more here:

Hope to see you here!


Would you like to further your growth AND do you live near Norwich, VT?

If so, please join me for a mid-week working Lunch & Learn at my “retreat” home in Norwich, VT – where I love to give my workshops – on Wednesday June 3rd.

In this time together, we will address stress (a theme in everyone’s life!). You’ll take an online assessment (which you will print and bring with you) in which you will gain important insights in to how stress in one area of your life impacts other areas, how coping resources in one area can be used to decrease stress in another, and how stress, coping resources and overall life satisfaction are closely related.

Click here to learn more about Learn & Lunch!


Your life purpose personal map.

Do you want to align your talents, skills, interests and Soul’s Intention to contribute in the most heartfelt ways to your family, your organization, your global family – and to yourself? Then let me tell you about my Living Your Purpose – on Purpose, a Life Purpose Workshop I will be holding on April 25th and 26th.

When you attend Living Your Purpose… On Purpose! you will:

  • Acknowledge and appreciate your talents, innate gifts and skills
  • Know your Soul’s Intention and Life Purpose
  • Develop an eight-part personalized Life Purpose Plan
  • Discover ways to eliminate blocks to your “grandest” possibilities
  • Learn how to attract the people, resources, and opportunities you need to create your dreams.
  • And so much more!

Your life purpose is similar to a personal map extending from your birth to your death. No one gets your map but you. If you choose not to follow it, then it simply remains unfulfilled like a package at a store that has been put on lay-away and never claimed. Your life purpose isn’t just one career event or line of advancement. It is the journey of your life with all your daily experiences added to the mix as you roll along.

Read more here:

You Make “A Difference”


Right Time – Right Place – Right Action

2009 …. another year. Do you trust in yourself that you are living “Right Time, Right Place, Right Action”? and looking for guidance of what that may look for you? Or are you feeling the pain and fear of the unknown challenges that we all are facing in our world today? Are you looking for guidance of what “right” living may look like for you
Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet Retreat Series
What is Your Life Telling You? What is Your Soul Experiencing? What is your deeper knowing?

Have you ever heard that your problems are your best friends? How could that possibly be? Because who but your best friends would keep after you until you solved your problem?

It’s easy to get into the same patterns over and over again that do not serve us. Often there is the tendency to try harder at what isn’t working instead of trying something new and different.

More than ever, these are times to look at what our life is telling us. And if we don’t like what we see, it’s time to move through fear and try something different.

Read more here:

Susan Hastings


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