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What Clients Are Saying About
Susan Hastings and
the Creative Communications Center


From Coaching Clients:

What Clients Are Saying About the Creative Communications Center

"Susie Hastings has been not only my life coach but also my coaching instructor. She has challenged me, helped me grow and given me the gift of furthering my career as a Holistic Life Coach. Susie takes an overwhelming amount of information, tools, and skills and turns these materials into invigorating, fun, challenging classes.  I have no doubt that with Susie's style of teaching I will succeed in being a highly skilled Holistic Life Coach! Thank you Susie!"

--  PJ Stanwood
Massage Therapist

"I have grown more professionally and personally with Susan Hastings as my coach than at any other point in my working life. She has helped me gain poise and confidence while motivating me to reach beyond my comfort zone. The results have been astonishingly rewarding. Susan's polished skills and techniques are very effective. She's easily accessible, very responsive and fun. I highly recommend to anyone who desires to be the best they can be that they get Susan as their coach."

-- Brenda Mahaffey
Federal Railroad Administration

"Susan is a highly skilled coach and has an intuitive sense for listening and asking just the right questions. She's an invaluable resource."

-- Cynthia Broschat

"As a great coach does, Susan challenges me to act in ways I normally wouldn't try. Everyone should experience this fulfilling development method at some point in their careers."

-- Christine Lamothe

"Working with Susan has had a very powerful impact on my life. I not only have developed a more positive outlook, but through her coaching, I have gained important insights, answers and direction."

-- John Locke

"The review went so well I can’t thank you enough!! You are awesome - thanks for the coaching."

-- Jennifer Poljacik,
Chief Operating Officer,
River Valley Fitness Club

"Finding a professional trainer, facilitator and coach who could work with our company on a long-term basis seemed like it might be a difficult task. However, we have found that person in Susan Hastings. She is truly a remarkable professional and person."

-- Karen Langham

"Working with Susan has provided me with a safe place to think aloud and has allowed me to give myself permission to dream again. Her gentle style, focused listening, ability to get at the heart of a matter, and flexibility to let the coaching sessions go where I need them to go really works for me. She helped me realize that I already possessed the resources, skills, and wisdom to make my dreams come true."

-- Michele Occiogrosso


"Susan's new coaching package is so effective. The initial full day spent one-on-one with Susie establishes a strong foundation for the entire coaching process. It provides Susan with a good understanding of your needs and drivers, and you have adequate time to discuss your issues, listen to options, and develop an action plan to take you forward. By the end of the day I felt I had a track to follow, detailed enough to get me going but not overly prescriptive. If you are serious about working with a coach to move forward, this initial investment of time is well worth it. The follow-up portion, monthly phone conversations for eleven months, helps keeps you focused, or adjust as necessary."

-- J. Wilke, Manager at a Federal Laboratory


"After my coaching sessions with Susan, I had a greater appreciation for the fact that everyone has very different communication styles. It was incredibly helpful to learn about them, and my own style and how to more effectively communicate with people who have styles different - or the same - as my own. She helped my learn how to THINK about how to approach a communication "crisis" and then effectively work through it. It helped me grow both professionally and personally and I would recommend her program to everyone."

-- Caisil Weldon


"If you want to improve the skills of your organization's leaders, then this manual is a must have. At Storage USA, our employee surveys told us that our leaders needed to improve in their communication skills: listening, giving direction, coaching; and they needed to improve the way and frequency by which they recognized and rewarded their teams. Using the techniques taught in the Leadership manual, we improved our survey scores year over year in these areas. Many of our leaders supervise dispersed workforces. It is vitally important that, anytime they get their teams together, this time is used productively and wisely. The facilitation skills taught in Susan Hastings' manual were just what our leaders needed to put them on the path to successful and impactful meetings. These are proven methods that work! I highly recommend Susan Hastings' methods and materials to anyone who wants to make an impact on the effectiveness of their organization's leadership."

-- Karen Langhan, Storage USA

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From Hypnotherapy Clients:

Dear Susie,

"I just wanted to let you know how much the sessions you had with my client has made in her quality of life. As you know she has MS and was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago.  I started to work with her 14 months ago – at that time she needed 2 people to assist her to get out of bed, her neck was bent and she was starting to choke when she ate or drank and she could not walk. Often she would not want to get out of bed and it was a daily struggle. I knew she was way too young(59) to be in this condition. I built up a trust and friendship with her and she started to want to try to do more. She was able to have stem cell, oxygen, physical  therapy but she had a constant fear of falling.

This is where you came in and made a very big difference in helping to change her life. We came to you, I believe 4 or 5 times, YOU HELPED HER TO CONQUER HER FEARS of FALLING – AND NOT BELIEVING SHE COULD WALK AND GET HER LIFE BACK. For this I want to thank you. It has worked and when a negative thought or comment comes out, I can have her replace it with the positive. It truly works.

At present she is out of the wheel chair walking with just holding my hand, her neck is straight, no swallowing problems and is able to do 90% of her personal care; when I started I was doing 100% of it. Daily progress is being made.

I hope that you are able to help more people. If at any time you would like me to talk to anyone to tell them, please let me know.

Thank you again for making such a big difference in our life."

-- Sincerely, Linda T. Tuck


"I am doing great! White sugar has not passed my lips! I think back on our sessions all the time and I know that YOU and the hypnosis really strengthened my convictions. I just keep telling myself that this is a life choice and it simplifies my life. The great part is not having headaches or beating myself up for eating too much sugar in one sitting." 

-- Beth Perry


"I still feel the after-effects of the hypnosis. I spent a half-hour in a different realm and emerged in a persistent calmer state. I send my warmest thanks."

-- Lory Peterson


"I have been doing great, I am approaching the 1 year mark of being smoke free. It was without a doubt, the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and I am convinced that the hypnosis played a big part in helping me give up a habit of 40 years.  When I say smoke free, I also mean that I am nicotine free, no patch, no gum or aids of any kind.  Thanks so much for your help and support."

-- Jeff Watson


"Hypnotherapy helped me bring out my inner strength and will power and helped me heal myself, I highly recommend it"

-- Rhonda Lee Ketner, Restaurant Owner


"My "Soul Coaching" session with Susie Hastings was truly 'trancendental'. The experience was one of sublime calm and comfort-- the closest I may ever get to Heaven on this Earth! I wanted to remain in that 'Divine Space' forever."

-- Nan Kenney, Certified Biofeedback Practioner


"Over the years, Susie has been hugely instrumental in my spiritual and emotional well-being and healing.  Her gifted ability to really 'listen' and be supportive are well beyond the call of duty.  Recently I experienced her hypnotherapy technique, Accessing the Wisdom of Your Soul via a phone call and I can claim incredible results.  I am so grateful to be able to consider her a dear friend and compassionate healer."    

-- Cynthia Brochat


"FANTASTIC results! Besides having ABSOLUTELY NO sugar cravings anymore, the Isagenix and food are going perfectly. And yes, I've got a plan, thanks for checking.

You didn't get a daily report because I've been very busy and forgetful, but NOT too busy to do my daily techniques! Boy, are they working! Oh, and I have been giving myself the suggestion that I ENJOY daily exercise, and incredibly enough I've been enjoying it for the first time in my life. Today, even though it was Saturday, I got up early and took my usual 1/2 hour walk, and still went to CURVES later in the morning, and ENJOYED it! What is really amazing though is that I wake up feeling willing and eager rather than resisting. Even when I was trying to exercise and not eat sugar before it was a chore and a struggle. I really believe this time that all my "suggestions" are possible. No, not just possible, inevitable. Life feels immensely easier, lighter. I've pulled my energy away from the things I can't change and put it into what I can- my own physical, mental, and spiritual health, and its been possible because of the work I did with you.

Thanks for your beautiful energy."

-- Bria Singer, Massage Therapist


"I am so pleased with the results of the hypnosis I received from Susie Hastings.  I stopped my late night snacks and lost 27 lbs.  The combination of the Isagenix program and the hypnosis did the trick.  I was never hungry on the Isagenix program and the combination of hypnosis and Isagenix caused me to lose a couple pants sizes, painlessly.   I have tried many diets and nothing worked until Susie hypnotized me and told me about Isagenix."

-- Mary Anne Holland


"I recently participated in a lifelong learning program which you conducted on Group Hypnosis.  For almost seven years or more I have been plagued with a chronic cough.  I had participated in a XiGong conference on the healing power of the art.  During our group hypnosis, my intention was to rid my body of this cough.  I had no difficulty following the steps of the procedure and left the class feeling very positive about my experience.  My immediate reaction was nothing compared to my elation at discovering that in the weeks to follow my cough had improved considerably and I was able to stop taking the medication which I had been using for weeks.  While the cough is not totally gone, I am still practicing the self-hypnosis and XiGong and am feeling much more confident that eventually my body will be rid of whatever is causing this problem.  I plan on having an individual session with you and am sure that this will be most beneficial.  I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to myself and my self-healing powers."

-- Louise Radak


"I recently benefited from a hypnosis workshop give by Susie Hastings on Hilton Head Island. I am being treated for a medical problem and find it hard to relax and sleep at night. There were about thirty participants in this workshop and as far as I know, she put us all to sleep at once. I am unsure of everyone else because her relaxation method worked on me immediately. Since then I have used her suggestions for self hypnosis and am sleeping much better. I appreciate her expertise in creating this life changing event in my life."

-- Dr. Charles McOuat


"Susie Hastings has a wonderfully powerful yet soft and accepting approach as a workshop leader. In a group of 30, she managed to captivate and hypnotize all of us, each of us setting our own goals, and most of us later succeeding in reaching that goal. 

In her workshop I was comfortably carried away in space and time, clearing my mind, and calmly focusing upon a simple goal -- to wake each morning and pop out of bed for a brisk walk.  It has worked for me.  I'm amazed and gratified."    

-- Audre Allison


"Susie is a wonderful teacher......we are thrilled that we had her here to be our  teacher for hypnosis.  It was a special session."  

-- Harriet Reimers


"I thought your workshop was great ..... you made me feel very comfortable and safe and relaxed, aided by your lovely home and beautiful setting and, of course, Bella."

-- Susan Kahn

"I had hit a place of desperation that was literally tearing at the foundation of my world. Having worked with Susie before, I set up a telephone hypnosis session. I had tried hypnosis years ago with little consequence so I was something of a skeptic but my desperation and the accompanying fear that was paralyzing me told me to simply let go to the process. Susie's intuitive perspectives and heart-gentle guidance uncovered emotional blocks neither of us had anticipated. Blocks that had created limiting beliefs - beliefs I now know I have a chance to dismantle. Thank you, Suz."

-- Dale Jones

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From Workshop Attendees:

"Thank you so much for committing your time to us! I was able to learn more about my Teammates and myself. Working with you was very insightful and fun! The things we've learned will be very beneficial to our success as a Team, as athletes and in our lives. I'm truly appreciative of your help and look forward to seeing you again!"

-- Nicholas Fairall, USA Ski Jumping


"He (ski jumper) mentioned that the time they spent in Franconia was challenging but went well and that one reason things went so well was there was good team support and enthusiasm. He said that the team as a whole was very supportive of the efforts of individuals as they were going through the testing and training exercises.

He said the timing of Monday's session with you was perfect since they were able to practice how to work together as a team. You may not know this, but he is the person from last years team who felt the strongest about the need for the team to figure out how to support each other."

-- Rex Bell, Chairman, Board of Directors, USA Ski Jumping


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From Organizations:

"Thank you for all your hard work and extra effort at making the inaugural meeting of the World Protected Area Leadership Forum such an outstanding success. Your tireless enthusiasm and professionalism were an inspiration to all of us. The National Park Service is profoundly grateful to you for leading us through this initial meeting of the Directors and Chief Executives of parks and protected areas from around the world."

-- United States Department of the Interior


"The Leadership Institute has had a tremendous impact on our organization. Our managers now have a clear picture of what an effective leader looks like and acts like. They are able to define a vision and mission for their team that sets everyone out on the same path. When they leave the Institute, they can be measured and monitored. Everyday, I hear a story about a success that one of our leaders has had that can be attributed back to skills they learned and adopted at the Institute. The Institute has become our secret weapon in our development of a strong team."

-- Storage USA


"Thank you for the outstanding work you are doing as course leader. In addition to thoroughly covering the seminar material, your personal style adds a great deal to the success of the programs. You make it interesting and rewarding by customizing the sessions to meet the needs of each group. Your love of teaching is readily apparent, and your credibility impressive having worked with a wide variety of public and private organizations."

-- American Management Association


"Susan, now that Chrysler's Customer One program has concluded, we would like to congratulate and thank you for helping launching this significant training program. Your enthusiasm, experience and team work helped make Phase 1 an overwhelming success. We have you to thank for that accomplishment."

-- Ross Roy Communications/Chrysler Customer One


"Our compliments on Susan's excellent facilitating the Partnering Workshop. Susan understood the meeting objectives, adapted to the unique situation, amd quickly developed a comfortable and trusting relationship with all the individuals present."



"I can't believe the emotions that I feel at this point. There are so many wonderful tips, strategies, and techniques that I have learned. Inspirational messages that have been mentioned throughout the Adventures in Attitudes course will be a part of my backpack wherever life's journey leads me."

-- Long Island Educator


"We utilized Susan Hastings as our seminar leader and are happy to report that we had an excellent session. Susan did an excellent job tailoring her curriculum to our needs, and I would recommend her to Andersen for future use."

-- Andersen Windows, Inc.


"Learning about behaviors and values has been an eye-opener. While I understood these basic differences among people existed, I was never really appreciative of how much or how often these differences effect interpersonal relationships. Thank you."

-- Small Business Success

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A Partial List of Creative Communications Center Clients

  • Alice Peck Day Hospital
  • Drucker MarketingAlcoa
  • American Management Association
  • Andersen Windows
  • Chrysler Corporation
  • Dartmouth College
  • Delta Airlines
  • Federal Railroad Administration
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Kraft Foods
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Mitsubishi Electronics
  • Nabisco
  • National Park Service
  • New England Health Care Assembly and Hospice
  • New York Life Insurance
  • New York Police Department
  • Parke-Davis
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Primary Care Network
  • State of Vermont
  • Storage USA
  • TRACE Education Services
  • U. S. Department of the Army
  • U. S. Department of Energy

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