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Coaching Programs


The Essentials of Coaching Institute
The Essentials of Coaching Institute
Become a World-Class Coach
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The Mastery Program

The Leadership Institute
The Leadership Team Institute
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Transformation for Body/Mind/Spirit
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Click here to learn about Laser Coaching!

Laser Coaching
No time but really need a coach!
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The Inner Circle Coaching Program
Exciting, results-oriented coaching program
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Read more about The Olympian Program
The Olympian Coaching Program
Bringing Vision and Reality to Life
One Day with Susie
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Effective Parenting
Effective Parenting
Workshop and Coaching
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Click here for Workshops and Seminars
Workshops and Seminars
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The Inner Circle Coaching Program

This is the most exciting, innovating, results-oriented coaching program I know of. It is based on the work of Marshall Goldsmith, best seller author and named one of the top 10 coaches in the world by Forbes. As an executive coach for Dartmouth Tuck's Education Program, I have heard Marshall, adjunct professor at Tuck, speak of this model many times and have implemented it as well.

This is how it works: one person, generally a leader, is the client/coachee. S/he chooses a behavior change and goal that would enhance their effectiveness. They then choose from 4 - 7 people to be in their Inner Circle. Each person in the Inner Circle will not only give monthly feedback on how their leader is doing on their designated change but will choose a behavior change of their own. I then coach them as well, though not as extensively as the main client.

I give feedback to my client from all of their Inner Circle as well as doing in-depth coaching on their desired goal and focus.

The results are astounding. Instead of having just one person making significant change, there are several others who becoming more effective as well. Contact me for more information of how this can work in your organization as well.

Be sure to ask about our On Call Coaching – a program that is designed
for those who want coaching on an as needed basis.

Laser Coaching Program:

For busy people who may not have the time but really need a coach!

This dynamic coaching program is perfect for the self-directed individual who wants to see the results of intensive personal and professional work but who doesn't have the time, or need, for intensive coaching. You will get aligned faster, feel a sense of relief faster, get unblocked faster, and we will quickly get to the heart of the matter. Laser Coaching is also well suited to the "Olympian" who wants to insure they regularly maintain and sustain their life goals.

This program entails one 20 minute coaching session, along with 3 emails per month.

Laser Coaching is a time saving, efficient, extremely effective way to put you on the right track or to help sustain your hard-earned life goals. Contact me for more information.

What is A Coach?

We all know that an Olympic athlete flourishes under the keen eye of a coach – they discover the potential of the athlete, build on their strengths, celebrate victories, lift spirits when the athletes are discouraged, they guide, cheerlead, provide mentorship and on the occasion a good morning wake up call. They believe in the athlete – even when the athlete doesn’t believe in themselves. As a mother of two Olympians, Susan applauds coaches, be it sports or life in general.As a mother of two Olympians, Susan applauds coaches, be it sports or life in general

Every person needs someone in their corner, cheering them on and guiding them to their highest potential. Coaching is for those who have high aspirations and who like an Olympian, know they are more likely to achieve superior results with a coach than with out one - those who want to be a champion in all aspects of their lives.

What is the Value of Coaching?

Your mind is set, the goal in your minds eye… how to get there? The openness to include someone else in this life process can be extraordinarily beneficial – you will certainly experience a sense of value from the coaching process.

Through a series of phone conferences and on-going resource support, Susan expertly coaches people who yearn to reach their potential… to realize creative living, creative working and of course, make a difference. With this in mind, Susan is pleased to offer these life enhancing coaching programs.


What Clients Are Saying About Susan:

"This is the second time that Susie and I have worked together - the first time in '99 and now 8 years later! My success with her back in '99 made my decision easy to contact her again during my recent career transition. Her Olympian Program, one full day in person with one year of coaching, was just the program I needed. The full-day allowed much focus, interaction, and rapport (re)building time that set a comfortable platform from which to work for the next year.

Susie is warm, understanding, genuinely caring - and challenging - which makes her an amazing coach. At a time when my bosses, my company and my job were changing dramatically, Susie was the constant, objective, supportive partner in my life. Like any good coach, Susie's special way of inquiry caused me to see my excuses and my successes. I've come away with a clear vision for the next chapter in my life and for that I am truly grateful!"

-- Christine Clifton
Breaking Out of the Ordinary


"Susan is a genius of integration. She re-members the many lessons of her work and life into a coherent, poignant learning experience for course participants who are utterly open to being in the world with renewed vision. Individuals and companies that fully engage in the Leadership Institute find that it “makes a difference” immediately. Personal lives and the lives of companies are transformed by the Leadership Institute. Thank you, Susan, for your gifts!"

-- Peggy MacArthur, Owner
LifeWork Associates, LLC
Coaching People and Groups Who Want to Thrive


"I have grown more with Susan Hastings as my coach than at any other point in my working life. The results have been astonishingly rewarding. She's easily accessible, very responsive and fun."

-- Brenda Mahaffey


After my coaching sessions with Susan, I had a greater appreciation for the fact that everyone has very different communication styles. It was incredibly helpful to learn about them, and my own style and how to more effectively communicate with people who have styles different - or the same - as my own. She helped my learn how to THINK about how to approach a communication "crisis" and then effectively work through it. It helped me grow both professionally and personally and I would recommend her program to everyone.

-- Caisil Weldon


"Susan's new coaching package is so effective. The initial full day spent one-on-one with Susie establishes a strong foundation for the entire coaching process. It provides Susan with a good understanding of your needs and drivers, and you have adequate time to discuss your issues, listen to options, and develop an action plan to take you forward. By the end of the day I felt I had a track to follow, detailed enough to get me going but not overly prescriptive. If you are serious about working with a coach to move forward, this initial investment of time is well worth it. The follow-up portion, monthly phone conversations for eleven months, helps keeps you focused, or adjust as necessary."

-- J. Wilke, Manager at a Federal Laboratory



"If you want to improve the skills of your organization's leaders, then this manual is a must have. At Storage USA, our employee surveys told us that our leaders needed to improve in their communication skills: listening, giving direction, coaching; and they needed to improve the way and frequency by which they recognized and rewarded their teams. Using the techniques taught in the Leadership manual, we improved our survey scores year over year in these areas. Many of our leaders supervise dispersed workforces. It is vitally important that, anytime they get their teams together, this time is used productively and wisely. The facilitation skills taught in Susan Hastings' manual were just what our leaders needed to put them on the path to successful and impactful meetings. These are proven methods that work! I highly recommend Susan Hastings' methods and materials to anyone who wants to make an impact on the effectiveness of their organization's leadership."

-- Karen Langhan, Storage USA


"Susan is a highly skilled coach and has an intuitive sense for listening and asking just the right questions. She's an invaluable resource."

-- Cynthia Broschat


"As a great coach does, Susan challenges me to act in ways I normally wouldn't try. Everyone should experience this fulfilling development method at some point in their careers."

-- Christine Lamothe


"Working with Susan has had a very powerful impact on my life. I not only have developed a more positive outlook, but through her coaching, I have gained important insights, answers and direction."

-- John Locke


"Finding a professional trainer, facilitator and coach who could work with our company on a long-term basis seemed like it might be a difficult task. However, we have found that person in Susan Hastings. She is truly a remarkable professional and person."

-- Karen Langham


"I found the manual to be very helpful in getting me to clarify my true goals and to have a concrete plan for meeting my goals. It has already profoundly affected my thinking. In one session we were able to discuss the results of my DISC, focus on the two essential areas that I need to address to move forward in any aspect of my life and identified concrete steps and associated assignments to complete. I have already adjusted my very heavy schedule of things to do which has allowed me to more deeply address my core goals."

-- Lydia Leeds, Office of Safety
Federal Railroad Administration


"Working with Susan has provided me with a safe place to think aloud and has allowed me to give myself permission to dream again. Her gentle style, focused listening, ability to get at the heart of a matter, and flexibility to let the coaching sessions go where I need them to go really works for me. She helped me realize that I already possessed the resources, skills, and wisdom to make my dreams come true."

-- Michele Occiogrosso

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