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The Olympian Coaching Program - 1 Day with Susie
Bringing Vision and Reality to Life

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Your life, the way you are creating your reality, today, right now …Are you truly leading the kind of life that inspires and engages you? Do you wonder whether your current reality is good enough? That your vision may be just an unattainable dream? If you are ready to transform your life and you want a fast track to do so, this Olympian Coaching Program is for you.

Read what Lydia Leeds says about Susan Hastings and her Creative Communications Center Olympian Coaching Program:

"The experience of working one-on-one with Susan Hastings for an entire day was tremendous. Her insight, positive energy, and straightforward supportive approach provided me with the clarity I critically needed to move forward in my personal and professional life. It would have taken me months of more traditional coaching to achieve the results I did in one full day. With Susan's guidance and genuine caring, I developed the trust to go to a new depth of understanding of myself and recognize what actions I need to take to achieve my vision personally and professionally.

I now have a clear cut road map. Using a daily journal and an action plan with measurable goals has provided me with immediate benefits. Her coaching manual with its wealth of information, exercises and resources provide me with invaluable insights that I can - and do - refer to in between our monthly follow-up sessions.

There is something wonderful about knowing that I have someone to talk to ...which I do all day long and my road map.

I am very excited and charged to move forward in a new way!"

Lydia Leeds
Program Analyst
Office of Safety
Federal Railroad Administration


  • Become clear about your vision – what you really want in your life
  • Achieve your vision in a fast track environment
  • Manifest holistic changes in your life both personally and professionally
  • Go beyond what you ever thought was possible

Results you can expect:

  • More physical, mental and emotional energy
  • A clear sense of priority and the will to act upon them
  • Balance in your busy life, peace and a daily sense of accomplishment
  • Doing what you’ve always wanted with your life, and loving it!

Scope of What This Coaching Program Will Include:


What makes this program unique:

  • One year commitment that includes:
    • One full day, or two half days, with Susan in her home office of Norwich, Vt (or your choice of meeting place)
    • One half to one hour coaching via phone for remaining 11 months
    • Unlimited access for additional time via phone and email

In other words, I am here to support you totally for one full year!

Read what Jackie Breland says about Susan Hastings and her Creative Communications Center Olympian Coaching Program:

"Susan Hastings is a great coach! I had never worked with a professional coach before, but after our first all-day session together, I quickly became a true believer in the process. Susan has such a positive, flexible and straightforward approach that helps me confront issues, develop a better understanding of myself, and reach for challenging but realistic goals. In our first session, she helped me develop specific, measurable action plans for the key areas of my life that need attention —including personal and business. I felt like I suddenly had a road map in my hands! In the week following this session, I worked on some of the action steps and saw immediate benefits through reduction of stress, greater productivity and an improvement in my business and personal relationships. I can see how the value of my time with Susan will add tremendous value to my life as we move forward in our coaching relationship. Her coaching manual is an excellent tool--the DISC behavior, Coping & Stress and Values sections, and our discussions about the self-assessment results, were particularly eye-opening. The best part of this experience is that Susan is encouraging me to explore new possibilities that I would have never considered on my own. I can’t wait for our next monthly session!"

If you'd like to discuss this exciting opportunity further with me, please call me at 603-277-2955.

I will continue to do the more traditional coaching of two or three sessions a month but if you want a real fast start to making significant growth in your personal and professional life, this is the way to go.

You Make "A Difference" Today!

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