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The Essentials of Coaching Institute

The Essentials of Coaching Institute is synthesis of what I consider the best from many models and is a culmination of my own coaching career, starting in the early 90’s.  It has involved years of study and experience where I have identified what is deeply compelling for me in coaching others.  This program has resulted in many excellent Holistic Life Coaches.

Purpose: The Essentials of Coaching Institute: Coaching Skills for Managers. To introduce managers to a time-tested approach to coaching others for maximum results.  Relationships are greatly enhanced in the context of this method of a coaching system. People reach new levels of their potential and perform at their best on a daily basis.

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Purpose:  The Essentials of Coaching Institute: The Art and Skills to Become a World-Class Coach is designed for those who want to become a Life Coach and for those who already are coaches and want to sharpen their skills and/or get fresh new ideas.

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Right Time, Right Place, Right Action (a workshop based on my book: Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make A Difference) with contributor Jeffrey Douglass

I am again offering a workshop based on my book, Walking the Spiritual Path With Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make A  Difference and am pleased to be joined again by contributor Jeffrey Douglass, author of his own  book Living From Your Soul.  Our workshop in October 2008 received a very enthusiastic response and this time, rather than a weekend, we're doing a full day workshop

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Effective Parenting Workshop

Being a parent is a wonderful opportunity and blessing. But it can also be full of heartaches and tears of frustration. Most parents have never learned how to parent so they follow their parent's example. This approach is not always skillful - and being a good parent does take skills. You can learn parenting skills that work - and I can teach and coach you how to do them.

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When You Have Responsibility but No Authority

In today's working culture, many employees are faced with the discouraging fact that they are given responsibility -- but no authority. In this workshop, you will discover more understanding of yourself and others, learn effective methods of communication and persuasion to build relationships and, at the same time, achieve desired results -- a both/and model rather than an either/or.

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You Are What You Think

A recent study showed that the 3 main problems for employers with their employees are negative attitudes, poor communication skills, and lack of experience. Discover how the power of positive attitudes can lead to a greater success personally and professionally. This workshop will increase overall bottom line effectiveness with increased awareness, morale, motivation, self-confidence -- and communication!

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From Vision to Reality

Most groups that call themselves "teams" are really just work groups. This workshop is a visionary approach to creating a self-directed team that is inspired in its vision, can share that vision with others, and can ensure that all values, goals, and action steps are in alignment with not only the team's vision but the organization's vision as well.

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How to be Positive in a Negative Environment

Attitudes are contagious and it's challenging to be positive when all around you there's negativity. In this workshop, you will learn specific strategies to handle your own negative feelings as well as the negative feelings of others, reduce stress, and learn techniques to change the environment in which you work.

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Motivate to Action

A recent study showed that training followed by coaching can enhance performance by 87%. Coaching is a crucial leadership skill -- whether preceded by training or just used as a way to assist employees in gaining their own insights in order to achieve greater results and productivity. This workshop teaches those in leadership, managerial or supervisory roles how to coach their people to enable them to achieve their personal and professional goals as well as those of their organization.

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You Make a Difference

Communicating -- understanding and being understood -- is one of the biggest challenges in today's busy and often impersonal world and it is the key to success in both business and personal life. Skills learned include effective listening, non-threatening confrontation, creative problem solving, and win-win negotiation and conflict resolution.

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Keep Them Coming Back

96% of unhappy customers will say nothing to you but will simply take their business elsewhere, telling 11 to 26 other people about their dissatisfaction and only 2 to 5 about their satisfaction. Can you afford this silent loss? In this new millennium, meeting customers' expectation is not enough: you must exceed their expectations to even get their attention -- to set yourself apart. Learn a refreshing and powerful system for customer service to attract -- and retain -- your customers.

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Discover and Develop Team Synergy

Most teams go through a process of "storming"; members argue or withdraw, jockey for influence and power. Although some of this process is inevitable, this seminar will show a positive alternative to identify your team's innovative strengths and discover how to synergistically implement new ideas. Determine effective ways to balance, integrate, and capitalize on the different strengths of each member of a team to achieve a common purpose.

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Bring out the Best in People

Facilitation is an essential skill in today's corporate culture. As the complexities of business increase and the need for change accelerates, every organization must have more people capable of leading through facilitation. This program is designed to build a powerful, internal resource for your organization to gain desired results easily and effectively -- people who are dynamic facilitators of people and processes.

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Turning Managers into Leaders and Leaders into Visionaries


Creating Vision Through Teamwork in the Workplace

Both institutes are signature programs of Creative Communications Center. They are designed for organizations that want inspired leadership, greater productivity, and higher team spirit. They are flexible in format, depending on the depth of experience desired, and range from three days to two phases of four or five days each.

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It All Begins with You

Do you ever feel misunderstood? Or that you misunderstand? Find it easier to communicate with some people than others? We tend to communicate with all people the same and that can be up to 75% ineffective because of the 4 different styles people have.

In this fun, enlightening two hour workshop, you will take a personal behavior assessment and identify your own, as well as others', communication and motivational styles. The end result? You will discover more effective ways to communicate, understand and relate to people with whom you work and live.

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Give Your Organization a Map

Is your organization proactive and creative or reactive and stagnant? Ready for a new -- or renewed -- inspired vision? This workshop provides a forum for organizations to create the future they desire through examining corporate/group goals, determining their level of commitment, and making a plan of action to create their vision.

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