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Susan Hastings, Certified Hypnotherapist

Susie HastingsI continue to be very excited to offer Hypnotherapy to my clients. With my background as a therapist and coach, combined with my ever-present interest in personal/professional/spiritual growth, it was a natural next step for me. I like the opportunity to go deeper with my clients and this is the answer for me, a significant way to make a difference.

Practically everyone I know is going through some kind of change and transition. Hypnotherapy is a way for people to experience these difficult times with grace, happiness and a new lease on life. It's not a matter of believing it - for me, it's a matter of knowing it, as I've experience it both with myself and my own self-hypnosis (all hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis) and with others.

It's hard to put in words what hypnotherapy is doing for my clients. My highest value for myself is to make a difference and I experience over and over how hypnotherapy is making a difference for them - in many cases, a big one. I received a totally unsolicited email with the message "You changed my life. Really." Of course I know I did not change her life - she did. I was just the conduit, but it shows what's possible when someone is motivated to make positive change.


Dear Susie,

I just wanted to let you know how much the sessions you had with my client has made in her quality of life.  As you know she has MS and was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago.  I started to work with her 14 months ago – at that time she needed 2 people to assist her to get out of bed, her neck was bent and she was starting to choke when she ate or drank and she could not walk. Often she would not want to get out of bed and it was a daily struggle. I knew she was way too young(59) to be in this condition. I built up a trust and friendship with her and she started to want to try to do more.  She was able to have stem cell, oxygen, physical  therapy but she had a constant fear of falling.

This is where you came in and made a very big difference in helping to change her life.  We came to you, I believe 4 or 5 times, YOU HELPED HER TO CONQUER HER FEARS of FALLING – AND NOT BELIEVING SHE COULD WALK AND GET HER LIFE BACK. For this I want to thank you.  It has worked and when a negative thought or comment comes out, I can have her replace it with the positive.  It truly works.

At present she is out of the wheel chair walking with just holding my hand, her neck is straight, no swallowing problems and is able to do 90% of her personal care; when I started I was doing 100% of it. Daily progress is being made.

I hope that you are able to help more people.  If at any time you would like me to talk to anyone to tell them, please let me know.

Thank you again for making such a big difference in our life.

Linda T. Tuck

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