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I'm Susan Hastings. I work with organizations that want excellent results and relationships and with people who want more out of life - to make a difference.

Susan C. Hastings is President of the Creative Communications Center, a consulting, coaching, and training firm founded in 1981.

She works in partnership with individual and group clients who want to actualize their potential, realize creative living and working, re/discover their vision, and achieve their highest goals in both their personal and professional life. As coach, Susan guides clients to experience dramatic and lasting change, to have rewarding results and relationships - to make a difference.

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Susan Hastings, President, Creative Communications

 Creative Communications Center Services

Seminar and Workshop Leader

Susan conducts courses, workshops and seminars on a variety of topics such as: Leadership, Communications, Attitudes, Coaching, Team Building, Customer Service, and Facilitation, Susan is certified to conduct training programs in several disciplines. She also conducts seminars for the American Management Association and is on their Faculty Advisory Committee.

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Leading corporations, businesses, schools and other organizations through growth and transformation in these areas: Leadership and Team Building, Communications, Customer Service, Empowerment, Attitude Changes, Visionary Leadership, and Facilitation. Susan performs needs assessments, designs and implements solution strategies, generates state of the art reports, including 360 Feedback, Organizational Climate, and others. In addition, Susan helps clients understand and learn from the feedback given in assessments.

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"Thank you for the outstanding work you are doing as course leader. In addition to thoroughly covering the seminar material, your personal style adds a great deal to the success of the programs. You make it interesting and rewarding by customizing the sessions to meet the needs of each group. Your love of teaching is readily apparent, and your credibility impressive having worked with a wide variety of public and private organizations."

-- American Management Association

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Keynote Speaker/Lecturer

Addressing corporations, colleges, organizations and community groups, Susan is a nationally registered keynote speaker with the National Speakers Association.

If you'd like to discuss having me attend your event as a Lecturer or Keynote Speaker,
please call me at 800-733-9349.

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Working in partnership with clients who want to actualize their potential, realize creative living and working, rediscover their vision, and achieve their highest goals. Susan guides clients to become more focused and achieve rewarding results in their personal and professional relationships.

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"I have grown more with Susan Hastings as my coach than at any other point in my working life. The results have been astonishingly rewarding. She's easily accessible, very responsive and fun."

-- Brenda Mahaffey

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What You Can Expect:

Seminars and workshops that provide detailed personal attention, commitment and follow through for maximum results:

Clearer Communications

Improved Group Dynamics

Better Use of Time

Motivation to Action

A Can-Do Attitude

Realization of Goals

Greater Focus

Higher Morale

The Benefits:

Susan Hastings' unique blend of consulting, teaching, coaching and therapy skills enable her to identify problems, assess needs, and provide expert employee, management and leadership training and coaching to effect change and to achieve new levels of excellence -- to make a difference.

Susan works with clients in four critical areas of their business and personal life:

Identifying Your Vision:

Susan assists clients in determining their vision, what really matters to them, and what results they want to achieve.

Working with Reality:

She then helps them set attainable goals and identify native skills and talents, necessary learning resources, and areas of untapped potential considering real life circumstances.


Susan and her client co-design an individual action plan. This working strategy includes a series of specific steps the client will take to reach their vision and close the gap. This may, if desired, include personal and group coaching.

Ongoing Support:

A system is put in place to measure and monitor progress for continuous improvement.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

I continue to be very excited to offer Hypnotherapy to my clients. With my background as a therapist and coach, combined with my ever-present interest in personal/professional/spiritual growth, it was a natural next step for me. I like the opportunity to go deeper with my clients and this is the answer for me, a significant way to make a difference.

Hypnotherapy by phone! And Skype!

I have always done a lot of my coaching and therapy by phone - it's easier for my clients (they don't have to leave their office or home, find a place to park, etc) and equally easy for me. But I hadn't done phone hypnotherapy with deep issues. I was delighted to discover that it is every bit as effective as in person.

Recently, I got an unexpected email a couple of weeks after our phone session:

"It is important to me that you understand what a gift the phone session was. I don't believe either of us had an expectation of the material that surfaced. And perhaps it flies in the face of what the hypnosis is intended to unleash. It is new territory for me. No matter. I think we dug into a very core piece of my depression...and I am grateful." 
~ Dale

I'd love to share Hypnotherapy with you - either in person, on the phone, or Skype! I know the difference it can make! Contact me at or 1-800-733-9349

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